Grip on your organisation and your processes

The publisher industry is very dynamic. With the shift from printed media to more digital products, you are expected to be very flexible. Now more than ever, it is all about content and the question of how and when the customer wants to receive said content. In this rapidly changing world of publishers, it is therefore important to effectively and efficiently support existing and future business processes.

Broad Horizon works with Microsoft-certified software (knkPublishing) that brings together all your business processes and company information. From the concept phase, the editing process, the calculation of selling prices, the management of cross-media productions and rights to the marketing and sale of media products via different channels. This ensures a more effective workflow at lower costs. A shorter time-to-market. And last but certainly not least, more control over the production, the distribution and the finances.

Challenges in Publishing


Metadata is essential in the online sale of content in the continuous flow of digital information we are faced with every day. It is the glue that allows content to be more easily managed, (re)used and shared. The more metadata is available, the easier people can find content and assess whether it is what they are looking for.


The Internet delivers content faster, more specific and more focused. For instance, subscription services for music, TV shows, films, paper articles and e-books have drastically transformed the market. More than ever, the customer must be central. After all, they will immediately switch if there is a better alternative, often taking their network along as well.


For publishing organisations that know what content their customers need, there is a huge market to be won. But in addition to new insights, this also requires new ways to sell content. Even more important that producing content is distributing it. To always know where and how to appeal to the connected consumer, and respond to their specific wishes and needs.


The Internet of things is creating a new era, including for Publishing & Media. They can publish apps for the Apple watch, for instance. Or obtain information about reading behaviour via e-books. The growth possibilities are not in the content, but in the new translations of the value you provide as an organisation. By combining and analysing data, you create lots of possibilities for this.

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