Important technological developments at the centre

Futurize is our approach that is aimed at discovering the possibilities of new technologies at an early stage and together with you. In terms of what it can do, but especially in terms of what it can mean for you. Not just by providing information, but also by working with it hands-on, experimenting with it or visiting companies that have already applied inspiring applications in practice. An approach with creative methods that you can use to sustain your innovation process.

Machine Learning, Artificial Intelligence, Blockchain, Mixed Reality, 4D printing, Smart Robots, …

The development of new technologies is experiencing explosive growth, which results in new innovations becoming available every day. Innovations that might initially feel like a solution looking for a problem, or a hammer looking for a nail. But if there is 1 thing we now know for sure, it is that these technological developments virtually always find their way towards very concrete and valuable applications in time, which regularly leads to true revolutions in society. Both in business and private life.

Really make the difference

Many organisations feel pressured by these developments or are already being visibly confronted with new forms of services or competition. A development that leads to organisations actively looking for ways to give substance to their own innovation process. And they are looking for help with this in the form of a partner in the field of innovation. With our Futurize service, we help organisations to develop and concretely give substance to their innovation process. Because we believe that you can really make the difference with technology.

by Broad Horizon – the possibilities

Internet of Things

Explore the possibilities of IoT and how you can use new opportunities because everything is interconnected.

Bring your own ‘Thing’ and link it to the cloud within a day using the standard services of Microsoft Azure. The collected data can then be viewed in real-time via an App and via PowerBI.

Mixed reality

Discover the possibilities of ‘Mixed Reality’ to add extra dimensions to the environment. Of course, you can set up and experience a HoloLens yourself. See more and expand your own reality. Start working with both 2D and 3D apps. This can really make the difference in a store, warehouse, hospital, or even a customer’s living room.

Digital assistant & (chat)bots

Build your own intelligence bot with cognitive functions such as image interpretation, voice recognition, language comprehension and knowledge processing. Experience how the computing power of the cloud can be used to ensure you are always accessible and can answer any question with maximum customer satisfaction.

Machine learning

Discover new possibilities for predicting the future and staying far ahead of the competition. Get to work with large amounts of data and the computing power of the cloud. We no longer look back in reports, but think ahead instead. Create your own model and train, test and validate it, and use it to predict the future as accurately as possible.

What will you start working with?

Hands-on workshop

During the hands-on workshop, you will actively work with 1 innovative technology under supervision.


During a kickstart, we intensively work together to convert an innovative idea into a working prototype.

Inspiration journey

During the study trip, we take you to visit inspiring innovative organisations in order to learn from them and from each other.

Innovation programme

Innovation is not a project but a process. Through the innovation programme, we will help you to get started with structural innovation.