Support with tailor-made ict vision and strategy

Technological developments are happening very rapidly. This offers opportunities, but also uncertainty. Especially because many organisations do not have the means to follow all these technological developments, let alone understand them and translate them into a future-proof strategy. In addition, ICT is often seen as a cost item and not always properly assessed for its value when it comes to the opportunities it can offer. After all, every company is going to be a technology company, which requires a well thought-out and clear strategy in terms of ICT with the accompanying project calendar.

No matter how much internal knowledge organisations have in the field of ICT, for many organisations, it is necessary to have a strategic partner. A partner with employees who are truly passionate about technology. A partner that not only inspires and thinks along when it comes to determining the right course and the right technological solutions, but also a partner that takes responsibility for the realisation. A partner that feels like a natural extension of your own organisation.

This is Compass

Compass is our approach which helps you determine the right course in the field of technology. By using a number of well thought-out and proven working methods, we come up with the right strategy together and help translate it into a concrete project calendar. And as far as we are concerned, this is not a one-time process, but a recurring programmatic approach, because technological developments will continue, and we want to be a long-term partner.

by Broad Horizon – the benefits

Technology update

Gaining insight into the latest technological developments and their potential value for your organisation.

ICT vision and strategy

An ICT vision and strategy and the translation into a project calendar for the coming years.

Business impact

You discover where in your organisation technology can make the difference with the help of the Business Model Canvas.

Cloud transition

Discover how you can use cloud solutions effectively and how you can make the switch in a manageable way.


You create a plan of action to help your employees use the available technology.


You and your ICT organisation are supported in the transition towards a modern management and control organisation.