On to future-proof customer contact

56% of consumers indicate that poor customer contact is a reason to leave an organization. At the same time, organizations barely extract information from crucial customer conversations.

Customer conversations (calls, email, chat, reviews) are widely scattered within organizations. The data from these conversations is unstructured. Therefore, it takes a lot of effort, time and manual work to gain insights and actions from these conversations.

Our conversational intelligence software ensures optimal customer relationships by easily and quickly extracting insights and actions from every conversation.

What is Tailo?


Get immediate insight into what is happening in the contact centre. For instance, you can look at what intentions your customers have, how these differ per channel and whether there are any shifts in this over time.

Quality management

Automatic quality control on customer conversations ensures better customer contact.

Natural language understanding

Every customer conversation is automatically provided with tags such as sentiment, priority and subject. In addition, every conversation is provided with a summary, and every sentence is provided with customer intentions and important characteristics.

Data enrichment

Easily choose what data you want to extract from your conversations and add these to your own customer image or DMP via a direct link or daily feed.

Improve Customer Support

Automate part of your customer support with smart & automatic replies. Easily integrate with the large CRM systems.


With SuperSearch, you can rapidly find exactly what you are looking for. Search conversations by things like priority, subject or sentiment.

Know your customer like never before

Improve processes and data quality through direct insight into things like customer sentiment, intentions and underlying questions of every conversation.

Increase conversion & retention

Increase retention & cross-sell by receiving insights and triggers for every customer about, for instance, price-sensitivity, sentiment and churn risks.

Get more from customer conversations

Get more out of your customer conversations with our conversational intelligence platform. With our software, you can easily and quickly convert all your conversations into valuable insights and actions.

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