Data and AI

The valuable use of data

A world without data has become inconceivable due to digitisation. Many organisations are not yet able to make effective use of the data they have. Connecting a goal to the application of data helps with that.

Data, data and more data. By now, it should be clear that every organisation has access to an explosively growing amount of data. Data from business applications, from devices, in the form of documents, videos or streams. In many organisations, this results in a growing awareness that we can get much more value out of data than we do today. It is for good reason that by many data is being called the new gold. We live in a digital world, and artificial intelligence has just learnt to write, read, recognise and speak better than people. Time to look at your business from a perspective in which AI will truly start taking over tasks in your business process. Digital Assistants and Digital Twins have arrived and will leave their mark on the business world.

What makes us special

Broad Horizon is the IT partner that can support you in every area of Data & AI. Our specialists can assist you in your data strategy, but can also help you monitor and improve your governance, risk and compliance framework. We have specialists who help you think about what a logical project calendar is, but we can also help you with the design, construction, implementation and monitoring of your own IoT or Digital Assistant project. We offer you everything you need to innovate quickly and safely, so that you stay ahead. Broad Horizon, Being Ahead!

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Data governance

Monitor and improve data quality. How you deal with data and ensure data quality is essential for the value you can get from it. What measure do you take as an organisation to gain control over your data and information flows?

Advanced Analytics

Do you want your organisation to take the step toward predicting future trends, better responding to changes and making recommendations based on data? Then you want to get started with Data Science & Advanced Analytics!

Data visualisation & Dashboards

Converting large amounts of data and insights into a clear dashboard so that it leads to smarter decisions in the business. By visualising data, decision-makers can easily recognise patterns and make better substantiated choices.

Tailo, conversational platform

Turn customer conversations into concrete actions. With Tailo’s conversational intelligence platform, you can easily convert all your customer conversations into valuable insights and actions. Increase your customer retention & cross-sell with our self-service AI software.