Construction & Infra

The demand for new homes, buildings and infrastructure is huge while the labour shortage will only increase in the coming years. This requires an entirely different approach, namely from building to producing. Putting the customer first and translating the wishes directly into producing the right modules. This means serving the customer in a different way, offering modules that are automated and unburdening by thinking about management/maintenance.

Broad Horizon helps you to become a data-driven organisation. The architecture of a data-driven organisation consists of bringing together data, processing data into information and presenting the information. Technology plays a crucial role in every layer and between the layers. By bringing together data from systems and public data, you create a good picture of who the actual customers are, what their wishes are and what services you can be relevant with.

Challenges in Construction and Infra

Put the customer first

Be honest. To what extent does your organisation really put the customer first? Or do you determine what a home will look like? What if your client also wants you to take care of the maintenance of the office building? By really putting the customer first, you create new opportunities for your organisation.

Pop-up workplace

In order to work together properly during a project, a workplace where you can find the right functionality and information is of crucial importance. The challenge is mainly in working with subcontractors, clients and government agencies. Create a collaborative environment that all authorised parties can access at all times.

Data-driven organisation

Unconsciously, there is a lot of data that is often already available in your organisation. The question is whether the right data is available and how you can get information from it that is relevant to your clients or contributes to your objectives. By designing a data-driven organisation, you are able to not only look back and get real-time insights, but also look ahead.

Unburdening through management

An advantage of cloud platforms is that new functionalities become available quickly. But you stay in control. Control of the security and the use. After all, your users are counting on the digital environment being properly protected and on being informed about how new functionalities are going to be used. A strategy for management and change management is a must.