Security for your company-critical systems

Digital threats are the order of the day. Cyber attackers are coming up with ever smarter ways to attack and are ever more difficult to stop. Intellectual property, company-critical and privacy-sensitive data are interesting data for hackers to obtain. Not just large organisations are being targeted; small and medium-sized business are also increasingly being victimised. This requires suitable measures.

Within the portfolio of Broad Horizon, there are various solutions to be found for protection against cyber attacks. In addition to managed services, Broad Horizon employs security specialists who are able to examine the security of your IT environments and expose vulnerabilities.

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Our security services

  • Mobile Device Management: a total solution that enables employees to work safely on any device. The IT department controls access and protocols.
  • Anti-DDoS: a platform that detects and mitigates excessive traffic (DDoS) to IT environments early. This way, systems remain fully up-and-running.
  • Security Suite: a platform that detects and stops common hacking attempts (SQL injections, XSS) early.
  • Security Audit: a service in which security specialists penetrate the application and expose vulnerabilities. You receive a report with points of improvement afterwards.