Cloud infrastructure that grows with you

Organisations must be faster and faster in anticipating changes. The foundation of all changes is the infrastructure that your company-critical applications are situated in. With the large amount of providers and services, it is becoming increasingly difficult to see the forest for the trees. When do you choose what provider?

Broad Horizon helps you make the right choices for a cloud infrastructure. Our architects design a cloud-independent infrastructure that best suits the workloads of your company-critical applications. We look at what best suits your situation for each type: public, private, on-premise or hybrid versions.

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Our infra services

  • Private cloud:A safe, high-performance and flexible environment that is fully tailored to your organisation within the Dutch borders.
  • Public cloud: An environment in the cloud of a large public provider such as Microsoft Azure, managed by our certified cloud engineers.
  • Hybrid cloud:A hybrid environment that uses the scalability of public cloud and the high performance and security of private.
  • Colocation: A secure accommodation for your servers within one of our data centre locations.