Application Continuity

Your organisation always online

Applications are the heart and blood vessels of the organisation. They increasingly need to be available 24/7, because failure has large consequences. Think of employees who cannot work due to systems being down, or visitors who cannot reach a website because the server is offline.

Broad Horizon offers various solutions for high availability of all company-critical applications in the organisation. Our specialists keep a close eye on the environments with monitoring tools and implement the extensive back-up and disaster recovery tools. This way, your business is always online.

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Our application continuity services

  • Management and support for all components of the IT environment: application, server and middleware
  • 24/7 monitoring and alerts for the components that say something about the health of the IT environment
  • Managed back-up solutions that minimise the risk of data loss
  • Disaster recovery tools that save lost data when things go wrong
  • IT environments that we equip by default with flexibility and growth for online success in mind