Cloud Services

The ideal cloud mix for your organisation

Cloud has become indispensable. With the right strategy, you achieve more efficiency, flexibility and modernise applications. Will you choose services in the public cloud? Or do you opt for a hybrid version? Broad Horizon helps organisations to make the right choice and move to successful cloud solutions.

How Broad Horizon helps you with cloud

Wherever you are in your journey; Broad Horizon helps you get the most out of the cloud. Our specialists first conduct extensive research into the existing application landscape and ask critical questions about the desired situation.

Whatever your question is – Broad Horizon always looks at the best tools for the job and what architecture is most suitable: public, private or a combination of clouds (hybrid).

The different cloud flavours

Public cloud

Unprecedented scalability with the flexibility to scale up and down when needed. That is the public cloud. Broad Horizon offers managed services on popular public clouds such as Microsoft Azure.

Private cloud

A private cloud keeps company-critical data within the Dutch borders. Your data is safe in one of our five data centres. Even in case of malfunctions: because the private clouds of Broad Horizon are fully redundant.

Hybrid cloud

For applications that need the best of both worlds. Profit from the scalability of public and the guarantees of a private cloud.