Specific Finance Solutions

Engagement for Finance

Customers want to be seen as a valuable relation – something that is mainly expressed in a consistent service provision, regardless of the channel chosen. They want to use self-service where possible and receive support where desired. In addition, customers want to do business on the move and in real-time, with regard to both realising transactions and having insight (payments, balance, portfolio, claims settlement etc.).

Asset managers and Private Banks have a 360-degree image of their customers that enables them to inform and make offers in a more targeted way. Self-reliance of both employees and relations is improved through the use of a user-friendly and recognisable CRM system and portal technology. Excellent operational processes lead to flexible information flows, systems and employees, allowing you to respond to specific wishes with every customer interaction. New propositions that both create customer value and contribute to profitability are developed continuously.

Specific Finance Solutions
from Broad Horizon

Email marketing

For successful automation of digital communication, the wishes and preferences of the customer are the starting point.

Fund registration & asset investment

Meet customer expectations with the use of new technology.

Relationship management

Properly recording, sharing and consulting complex and extensive relationship structures is the basis for strategic relationship management and adequate client planning.

Risk management

Together with transparency, risk management is one of the pillars of good and professional asset management.

Sales management

Realising high customer value is determined in part by sales management and the collaboration between sales & marketing.