Our story

Broad Horizon is the strategic ICT partner for organisations in (mostly) retail & brands, education, finance, trade, medical, publishing and construction & infra who want to use advanced technology to exceed their objectives. It is our mission to help organisations transform successfully so that they are able to get the most out of the possibilities of our new digital society.

We invest in a successful collaboration with you in which we both provide knowledge, experience and creativity. Together, we realise the best ICT solutions that your users can use optimally.

We believe that companies that are willing to invest in people and IT are the successful companies of the future.

Preparing for the future

Organisations must continuously reinvent themselves to be and remain future-proof. The speed and extent to which you transform digitally and become data-driven determines your success. How do you get the most value out of investments into IT services, business applications and digital workplaces? Broad Horizon knows exactly where the online opportunities for the future can be found, and how your organisation adjusts to and prepares for this.

Staying ahead of technological change

Broad Horizon helps organisations reduce complexity and actively build towards the future. This is done by embracing new technologies that transform business models and business processes. Our approach relies on the latest knowledge of the cloud, the digital workplace, business applications and technological services. Together, we use IT as a source of innovation and structural competitive advantage.

Working and living smarter

Technology determines the workings of the internal processes and the connection with the outside world. And data – or rather, the use of it – determines the intelligence and the customer relationships. The crux is in the coherence and simplicity. Making daily tasks easier by using the digital workplace as the hub for productivity. Always provide new data sources to obtain new insights for more efficiency, better performance and top quality. With well thought-out answers to industry-specific questions, Broad Horizon helps organisations and their employees move one step forward.

Brand Purpose

Broad Horizon strives to make organizations highly adaptable and intelligent by having a clear vision for navigating the future and by putting the right technology to work by humans, for humans.

Brand Promise

We deliver solutions for Business Progress that are Built to Adapt and that enable a smarter everyday life.

It is Broad Horizon’s mission to help organisations transform successfully so that they are able to get the most out of the possibilities of our new digital society: “We believe that we are on the brink of a lengthy and profound process of technological transformation. In our vision, every organisation in every industry will need to reinvent itself, driven by the disruptive force of Cloud, Big Data and Internet of Things. Organisations will grow to become IT organisations that are continuously working to optimise their core applications.”